VHSLive is RedX and Moody. If you have a question, feel free to tweet at us directly or use one of our accounts under the Contact page.

VHSLive is strictly run for educational purposes meaning by coming to this site you have agreed to our "terms of service" to not record or store any of the streams, or streamed content with out permission. We hope to activly inform other people about no longer in cycle and manufactured video formats to preserve them for the enjoyment of those who never had a chance to get familiarized them when they were in market cycle and sold in local stores. The presented formats we currently possess at this time are VHSs and LaserDisc. The stream on our mainpage will provide poll voted and random selected viewings, tutorials on preserving ones that you own by backing the data up from them in modern conventinal and cost effective ways and even more extensive in depth high quality back-ups for highscaling viewing spaces such as 1k and higher. We also will publish VHSLive produced film reviews and more.